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Physio123 specialize in creating, marketing and managing high quality websites for physiotherapists throughout the world. From small practices to large organizations, the team at Physio123 is committed to ensuring that your website is not just your online presence, but also a valuable marketing tool that's a profitable way to generate referrals and reach new customers..

Our Vision

Physio123's vision is to provide quality web services to as many therapy related businesses as possible in the world.

Our Mission Statement

Physio123's aims and vision is clearly laid out and what we achieve every day.

Our Values

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Our Promises

Physio123 are committed to ensuring that you get only the highest level of service – to ensure only the highest standards, we make 10 promises to all of our clients.


As our customer base grows, so does our expertise and knowledge about creating highly effective physiotherapy-based websites. We operate not just in Canada, but throughout the world.

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Why Physio123

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Not Just Physio

In addition, as more and more satisfied customers tell their friends, we've found that it's not just physio. We have clients in all sectors of business, from homeopathy to acupuncture and from physio to podiatry.


The team at Physio123 is constantly on the lookout for those who have the talent and charisma to be a part of our award winning team. Physio123 is constantly raising the bar, thanks to our team of dedicated and creative designers, coders and also optimization experts.


Keep up to date with our latest posts on the physio123 blog, find out how your business can be improved, tips for marketing, web development.

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