Below is a selection of questions Physio123 have been asked. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us by emailing: office@physio123.ca or use our enquiry form.

Physio123 FAQs

General questions

How many customers can I expect from my website?

After we've launched your website, you should start to see results gradually increase over time. It's impossible to say how many customers will use your site as every practice is different, but as your site matures you will begin to see more bookings and enquiries.

What if I already have a website I'm happy with?

If you already have an existing website, Physio123 offers a range of services to help you market your site. For more information about hiring us to promote your physiotherapy site, please check our SEO packages.

How do you take payment?

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Payment is made online via our website. Additional payment methods are available on request.

Can I choose the add-ons any time?

Because there's no contract, you can upgrade / downgrade and choose different add-ons whenever you want.

My friend and I are both physiotherapists; do you think it's a good idea if we share a website?

If you both live and work in the same area, then sharing a website is a great way to ensure that you're not competing with each other. The great benefit of sharing a website means that if you are inundated with clients you can also share the workload. It also gives you a larger budget to play with which can be spent on more aggressive promotion resulting in greater traffic for your website.

I recently graduated, but I'm yet to find work. Can a Physio123 website help?

The PhysioOne package is a great choice for those looking to get on their feet. With just one monthly subscription, you can launch a home-based physiotherapy service which is a great way to test the waters and gain some valuable experience.

I've been with you for two years, can I upgrade to your PhysioTwo package?

Yes, please ask about our discount for our loyal customers.

What happens if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your website with Physio123 at any time whatsoever. No contracts mean no contracts, and while we'll be sorry to see you go – we do understand that sometimes there is no other choice.

I run a few physiotherapy clinics, but they're not running at full capacity – could a Physio123 website help?

If you choose a Physio123 website, we could create two separate sites for each clinic both targeted towards specific local areas. Combined with our expertise in promoting physiotherapy websites, you could boost your online presence significantly generating a great deal more business for your clinics.

Do you offer a free trial of your service?

Yes. Our PhysioOne package comes with a three-month trial meaning you're free to see just how good the Physio123 service really is.

I've been working in physiotherapy for some time, and I'm interested in starting a private practice, can your service help me find clients during my spare time?

A Physio123 website works 24 hours a day 7 days a week to find you clients for your business. The great thing about launching your own physiotherapy website is that it's your business and with just a single monthly subscription, it's one of the cheapest ways to start a private practice.

Do you offer physiotherapy advice?

While we're experienced in developing physiotherapy related websites, we can't offer professional advice.

I'd like to move into private practice, but I'm not sure if it would be successful, what do you think?

One of the easiest ways to test the waters to see if there really 'is' a market is to take advantage of one of our website packages. Let us build you a site, market it and if it generates you business – you have your answer. We offer a range of packages for all sizes of practice and all you need to pay is a single monthly subscription.

I'm an experienced physiotherapist, but I want to work from home – how can your service help?

If you chose a physio123 package, you could use your website as your main presence so that customers can book appointments and contact you all from your site. With physio123 this all comes at a fraction of the cost and it's true when we say all our sites really are pay as you go.

I want to sell my practice, what happens with the website?

If you sell your practice, on request we will transfer your website to the new owner free of charge.

Consultation, design & development FAQs

Once I've ordered, how long will it take to design my site?

Every project is different and while some sites take longer than others do, as a general rule PhysioOne sites take around 1 week to construct, PhysioTwo sites around two weeks and PhysioThree sites - 3 weeks. To get your site completed as quickly as possible, our designers will be in touch to ensure we know exactly what you want.

What do you need from me?

After ordering a site from Physio123, we'll send you a requirements form which we'd like you to fill in. The reason for this is that we want to get an idea of what you envisage your site to look like so that the end result is something that you're happy with. At the same time, the more information you send about your practice, the better. Please try to include your clinic's logo and any photographs which we may be able to use.

What personal information do you need?

In addition to your email address, we'll also need to know your contact details and the clinics contact information. This is because our designers work closely with you to ensure that the site we build meets your exact requirements.

How do I keep my personal information up to date?

We ask that you try your best to keep your personal info and contact details up to date. You can do this for free by simply sending us an email.

Can I include photos on my site?

Photos are a great way to show potential clients what your clinic looks like and it’s a great way to build trust. We encourage all our clients to include at least a few photos of their practice and staff members.

What about my company logo?

Putting your company logo on the site is a great way to ensure that your brand is recognized. If your logo needs a bit of a refresh to be put online, we'd be more than happy to do this for you.

Can you make my site similar to another site I really like?

Letting us know your tastes helps us a lot in knowing what type of site you'd like. By sending us a list of your favorite sites, we can come up with something that's uniquely yours and individual. The design we come up with will be unique and for your practice only.

Can I choose a color scheme?

When designing the site, we'll be in contact about what colors you like and during the design, if you change your mind, we'll be able to change things to suit pretty easily.

I'm also an acupuncturist; can this be included on my physiotherapy site?

It's easy to add additional pages to your site, and if you offer additional services, this can be included in your page allowance or alternatively you can buy additional pages. Adding additional pages is a great way to ensure that your site reflects your practice and all the services that it offers. In this sense, your site is not just restricted to the physiotherapy field, but any service that your clinic or practice provides.

Do you display any ads on my site?

We will never display any third party advertising on your site, as we believe in offering a professional service.

I want a .ca domain name, or an additional domain name, is this possible?

If you want more than just the local domain name i.e. www.yourclinic.ca you can buy additional domain names on demand.

If you want more than just the local domain name i.e. www.yourclinic.ca you can buy additional domain names on demand

All our websites are hosted at a dedicated data center which offers state of the art reliability and security. At the same time, we monitor all our sites 24 hours a day so that in the event of an outage, we'll have it fixed long before you ever notice.

Promoting, Marketing and SEO FAQs

When should I expect results from my website?

Physio123 utilizes various methods of online promotion to ensure that you'll be able to see results from the time your site goes live. What usually happens is that a site goes live, and then within a few days you start to see the benefit of the Adwords marketing and slowly as the search engine optimization kicks in, you'll start to see your website appearing on Google and other search engines.

Do I need to do any marketing or do you manage the whole process?

The good news about Physio123 is that we manage the entire process ensuring that all you need to do is take care of your clinic. You don't need to worry about advertising or anything because we take care of it all.

If I have an existing site, can you help promote it?

Physio123 also offers a range of SEO packages which can help you promote your existing website. We can also help in redesigning and refreshing your site. For more information take a look at our physiotherapy SEO services.

How do you promote my website?

Physio123 use the latest in techniques to ensure that when your website goes live, the search engines see it as quickly as possible. Online promotion involves a number of steps, and physio123 will perform the following:
  • We'll design you a cutting edge website that not only looks great, but is SEO friendly
  • We'll take a look at the local market and identify what we need to do to get you ranking high on Adwords and also SEO.
  • We'll continue to promote your site using both Adwords and SEO to ensure that your website ranks highly. Over time your rankings will improve, and we'll keep working on keeping you at the top.

Why use Search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is part of our long term marketing strategy and it's an essential way to secure your listings in Google. As the Internet expands, more and more people are looking for services online, and you'd be surprised to learn just how many people are searching for physiotherapists in Canada.

With millions of Canadians now online, there's never been a better time to get yourself noticed, and in fact, if you haven't already, it's only a matter of time until your competition does.

How long will it take to see a difference with SEO?

SEO is an ongoing process and as part of our long-term strategy it can take anything from 2 to 12 weeks to see a difference. During that time you may see your listings fluctuate dramatically, but as your site gets more mature, Google and the other search engines will begin to realize the value of your site and they'll rank you higher and higher.

What is Adwords and why use it?

Adwords is one of the newest forms of online advertising and it's an essential tool in our short-term marketing strategy. By using Adwords, we can deliver immediate results and new clients for your clinic. We include Adwords in your monthly subscription so that you can start seeing results straight away.

Essentially, by using Adwords your website will appear right at the TOP of the search engine listings which helps reinforce your brand and generate interest in your practice. Today, Adwords is an essential part of web marketing and while some people spend thousands on it, with our expertise – we can get you the same results with a fraction of the cost.

How does Adwords work?

Google is the market leader of search based advertising and that's because they're also the number one search engine. Adwords is essentially the sponsored listings you see at the top and right hand side of the search engines, as well as on other people's websites.

Creating an Adwords account looks easy, but it's a process that involves writing effective ad copy, testing conversion rates and linking the whole process up so that it's affordable, quick and generates you immediate results.

When it comes to writing ads, Physio123 are experts in ensuring that we capture visitors who are not just looking to 'browse' the net, but are desperate for your help. With our experience in writing ad copy that converts, it's only a matter of time until you see just how effective Adwords can be.

Why should I use SEO and Adwords together?

Search engine optimization and Adwords are both different strategies that work together. By combining both strategies you benefit from considerable cost savings without missing valuable traffic and potential customers.

What does the monthly fee cover?

All our SEO packages have a monthly subscription fee which includes hosting and managing not just your website but keeping track of your Adwords advertising and doing what needs to be done to get you ranked highly on the search engines.

Are there any contracts?

Physio123 are a company that's committed to providing a quality service to all its clients. We specialize in Physiotherapy SEO and site design for practices of all sizes and with absolutely no contract or commitment, we know our customers are happy because they keep on coming back month after month.

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