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Adwords package

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Increased website visitors
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Instant exposure
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High return on investment
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Adwords campaign management


Adwords package

Start generating referrals immediately with a location targeted marketing campaign.

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Instant results
High return on investment
Geo=targeted ads
More customers
Multiple campaigns
High in Google
Local prominence
Keyword analysis
No contracts

Do you want to see a dramatic increase in your patient referrals?

The benefits of Adwords

With Adwords, you can take a shortcut to the top of the search engine rankings. With Adwords appearing at the top of every Google search query, it's a highly effective way to get your site traffic today.

More traffic = more patients

With Google Adwords at your disposal, you really are going to notice the difference because we target and manage your campaign to ensure that only people looking for physiotherapy in your area are going to be clicking on your ads.

The strengths of a local campaign

Many people think that the Internet is global. The fact is that today, it's also a local Internet and to ensure that your clients are relevant to your business, we use geo-targeting to ensure that you're paying for results which target your local demographic.

This means that if you target the whole of Toronto or just a few suburbs, you'll only get visitors looking for physiotherapy within a few miles of these areas. We'll work closely with you to find out where your customers live so that when they search the net, they'll see your practice.

Instant results

Unlike natural search engine optimization, Adwords can be activated in just 24 hours. Once we create your advertising campaign, you'll be able to see your adverts at the top of Google straight away. Not just that, but prospective clients will too.

Adwords makes you money

From just $69 per month plus set-up, you will start to see enquiries and referrals straight away. Our Adwords campaign will generate you business which in turn, generates you dollars.

How we can help

Adwords is a global tool that's available to anyone. The fact is that while it's easy to set-up and use, you can find yourself quickly paying thousands of dollars unexpectedly. The good news is that with Physio123 as your marketing experts, we ensure that your Adwords campaign is managed and monitored regularly to guarantee a great conversion rate and a significant return on investment.

Unlike search engine optimization, the great thing about Adwords is that we can provide immediate results for your website, due to our experience in monitoring and analyzing campaigns for countless physiotherapy practices throughout the world.

No more confusion

Physio123 are Adwords professionals and we spend thousands of dollars each week on behalf of our clients. Without constant monitoring and analysis, all that would come to nothing. As your campaign manager and Adwords professional, our experience in creating effective advertising campaigns that are geo-targeted, optimized and tested are guaranteed to generate you business and make you money.

If you've previously tried Adwords and were baffled by all the technical jargon, then rest assured that you don't need to know your CPC from your CPM with Physio123.Providing a completely managed service, we can take the pain out of Adwords advertising. We have a unique understanding of the physiotherapy industry which gives us a key advantage in that we already know what your customers are looking for.

Expertly managed

By choosing a Physio123 managed Adwords campaign, you gain access to one of the most powerful marketing tools on the Internet, but without the risks. We work hard to ensure that your campaign stays within budget and that the people who click your ads ready to choose your practice.

With Adwords, Physio123 have your best interests in mind and we will work closely with your practice to ensure that your Adwords campaign is something that helps boost your practice and generates a healthy return on investment (ROI). With our technical expertise and industry experience, we can create an Adwords campaign that takes into account demographics, competition and uses keywords which are proven to convert.

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