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Employee to practitioner

At some stage in your career, chances are that you'll think about moving into private practice. Whether it's to explore new areas, relieve boredom or simply relax your working schedule, it's a decision that can often be life changing and to make the move effectively requires a great deal of planning, thought and preparation.

Looking at the transition from employee over to private practice, the good news is that you're not alone. Many physiotherapists make the move to private practice while still working full time as it allows them to see more clients and also achieve a bit more financial security. As time goes on, their client base increases and they realize that creating their own practice is a great deal more rewarding than being just an 'employee'.

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However, working as a full-time employee and a part-time private physiotherapist involves a lot of hard work and while it's easy to start, as soon as you have a regular client base you'll have commitments to deal with in the form of regular patients. The good news however is that working in two roles gives you additional security so if you're ultimate goal is to build your own practice; you have both the financial security and the job security to ensure that nothing can go wrong.

When it comes to starting your own practice, one of the toughest things is marketing the service. Creating a website is a great way to start, and Physio123 offer a range of packages that can help you build and market a site for your services. Whether you're working from home or setting up a clinic, we can help you reach patients and generate referrals.

Making the transition

Transitioning from your job into private practice is something that ideally should be done with the help of your manager. Ultimately, you want to ensure that you can slowly reduce your working hours as your practice hour's increase. It's also only fair for your employer, and by keeping them on good terms Ė they may even hire you as a stand-in for emergencies. With your employer on board, it's possible to negotiate extra time off or even change from being a full-time physiotherapist to being a part-time practitioner with half of your time spent at your 'job' and the other half spent at your practice.

While a gradual transition is best for you and your employer, sometimes that's not always possible due to their inflexibility or perhaps a redundancy. When this happens, you may be forced to move into private practice and if this is the case, the most important advice is to take things slowly. Jumping in at the deep end won't help if you can't swim!

Transitioning successfully into private practice depends on your experience, your age and most importantly, your contacts. While anyone can open there own private practice, normally the most successful are those who already have years of experience and a network of contacts who can send regular referrals.

Three steps to building a successful practice
Your own website

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