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Thinking of private practice?

There are countless advantages in setting up your own private physiotherapy practice. The fact is that it gives you a great deal more freedom and flexibility in your work and as more people look into the benefits, it's becoming ever more popular.

Is private practice for you?

It has to be said that not everyone is suited towards starting their own private practice. The fact is you need superior organization, management and business skills than otherwise and for many inexperienced physiotherapists, not having colleagues for support and advice can be frustrating. Unless you have all the necessary skills, then you may find it quite a frustrating career move.

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What do you need?

Passion – Above all, to be successful with your own private practice, you must be passionate about physiotherapy. When you set up your own practice, you'll be dealing with a wider range of clients who may not be as easy to work with like you're used to. You must also be prepared to work longer hours, later nights all for possibly less than you're currently earning. Are you prepared?

Determination – Building a successful business takes time. You may find that your first few months of operation aren't even profitable! As a result, you need to have the determination to battle through the hard months with a constant smile so that when you finally do build a strong client base, you're not already going to be bored with private practice.

At the same time, you need to be resolute in your desire to succeed and while it would be great if every private physiotherapy was successful, the fact is that it's an uphill struggle. You also need to consider the following things:

Practice location – While you may live in one area, the truth is that to have a successful practice, you may need to start it in another. While it'd be great to work from home, if you live in a very small town, chances are that there simply won't be enough clients for your business to be profitable, even if you are the only practitioner! Take a look at nearby areas, assess the competition and make an informed decision based on what you know.

Upfront costs – With equipment to buy and other upfront costs to think about, you may be forced to spend thousands on various pieces of equipment to ensure that you can do your job successfully. If you don't have the right equipment, while your patients might not realize straight away, they'll certainly know the difference when they visit another physiotherapist.

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Your rates – Knowing what to charge your customers is perhaps the most important thing you need to think about. Setting your rates too high could meant that potential patients go elsewhere, and setting them too low means you won't make any money. Likewise, you need to set your price point at a level that ensures you are competitive.

Your client group – Or more precisely, knowing how to find them. This is where newer physiotherapists struggle the most because they simply don't have the network of contacts which older, more experienced physiotherapists can benefit from. You need to consider various sources such as doctor referrals, self referrals and the likes, and then you need to make sure that your client group actually knows you have a service.


When you're ready to start your physiotherapy practice, there are even more things to consider. Now that you've chosen the path of a private practitioner, you need to start looking at options such as renting or buying a practice, working from home, or even working in your spare time. Ideally, you want to build a your business without exposing your business to too much risk – that's why so many people start gradually and then when they have the patients to support them, launch a clinic and start working full time at their own physiotherapy clinic.

Finally, something many people forget about is their website. The good news is we can help, as with a range of packages, we specialize in building and marketing physiotherapy related websites. A website can act as your showcase, online brochure and it's a great way to get the word out about your new practice. Physio123 packages also include marketing and promotion to ensure that you start getting enquiries and referrals straight away.

Benefits of private practice

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