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Want your physio website at the top of google?

Want your physiotherapy website redesigned?

Do you need your physiotherapy website redesigned?

A business website is meant to act much like your practices 'home' on the web. It's a place for patients to find out information about your clinic, access resources and even to book appointments. While traditionally, websites have been overlooked for many physiotherapists, today a website is an invaluable tool in helping to send the 'right' message to your clients, referrers and potential patients.

In regards to websites more than any other form of advertising, first impressions really do count. It's said that you have around 15 seconds to catch a visitor's attention span, and if you don't, they'll simply return to Google and find another service. If your website isn't up to scratch, you could be missing customers simply because of the fact that you need a redesign.

The advantages of a website redesign

Just as you wouldn't let your clinic run into disorder, so you shouldn't let your website. The fact is that what looked good two or three years ago may very well be outdated today. As styles change, today your customers are looking for a website that's interactive, professional and also user friendly. With a website redesign, you can bring not just your sites look and feel up to date, but you can also update the 'code' making it more search engine friendly.

With Physio123, we look at all aspects of a website redesign. We start off by looking at the problem you want to solve, and our design team starts work based on your input and also your existing site. While you may need a complete overhaul, it's still essential to ensure that when visitors visit your site, they see some familiarity. If they don't they might just leave.

To help you get the most out of your website redesign, we take into account the following:
  • Your practice logo
  • Your current website 'theme'
  • Existing website content
  • Current search engine rankings
  • The local competition
  • Your individual tastes
While we excel at creating websites that are highly effective referral-generating vehicles, the fact is that for many customers, it's not so much a new website they need, but more of a refocus. A shift towards marketing and promotion and with Physio123, we can help you with that too.

Do you really need a redesign? Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do patients like the website?
  • How many referrals does the website generate?
  • Does the website provide enough information?
  • Is it easy to update the website?
  • Is the website more than five years old?
  • Does the website reflect the business?
If you answer no to any ONE of these questions, then it's time to consider a redesign as with a redesign from Physio123, we can help you achieve all of these things.

Your website works as a promotional tool, and because of this, it's essential that you have something that works. Merely having a few pages with your business details won't be enough, because when potential clients visit their site, they'll be as clueless when they left as when they loaded the page.

To ensure that your website is successful, you need to tell customers about your practice, about your staff and about the services you provide. Ultimately, you want give them enough information so that they can make an informed decision and instead of leaving them with enough to pick up the phone to ask more questions, furnish them with enough info to actually make a booking.

Why a redesign will help your practice?

Perhaps the biggest reason why you should choose Physio123 to design your website is the fact that we can build you something that's highly effective, professional and guaranteed to help increase your referrals.

Physiotherapy website redesign examples

Take a look at some examples of where we have redesigned websites for physiotherapy practices:

Worchester Physiotherapy



The OT Practice



Banbury Physio



Physio in Action



Cheylesmore Physio



The advantages of the Physio123 re-design service
Great designs

Our designers create high quality designs that put your visitors in the right frame of mind to book. We not only give you an excellent design that's unique to your practice, but we build a site that's easy to manage, easy to market and also search engine friendly.

When we redesign your site, we'll take into consideration your individual tastes and create something that meets your requirements while remaining easy to use, accessible and also Google friendly.

Marketing and promotion included

Our team work hard day and night to promote your website. Using advanced methods such as search engine optimization and Adwords marketing, we can increase your search rankings and starts helping you reach more patients today.

Search engine optimization

Physio123 specialize in designing websites that are search engine friendly. All of our designs are focused around search engine optimized code so that your website not just ranks well on Google but on all the major search engines. One of the biggest problems with your old website may be that it's not been SEO optimized. Our team of experts can take a look at the elements of your website and come up with a plan to change that.

Depending on how your old website has been redesigned, there may be any number of problems. Here are just a few examples:
  • Poor choice of keywords
  • Poor keyword density
  • Bad coding standards
  • Complex navigation
When it comes to dealing with search engine optimization, normally a complete re-design is favored over simply modifying existing pages. The reasons for this are that every website should be built on a solid foundation of high quality, SEO friendly coding. To optimize your site, we may very well have to rebuild it.

Once you have a website that's SEO optimized, we'll take a look at other factors which may be affecting you. This usually involves us working hard to manually market and promote your website to ensure that it not only receives a higher ranking in Google, but that you get more traffic and more referrals than ever before. We will continue to market and promote your website to ensure that potential patients can always find your website.

Higher conversions

If your old website is receiving plenty of traffic, but you're seeing little or no results, then physio123 can help you increase your conversion rate. Phhysio123 will not just design a site that looks great, but a site that has a realistic goal to generate you referrals and help you find more patients.

Even today, it's surprising how many websites are simply 'built' Ė we know you don't have the time to check the statistics every day, or even to work out goal tracking. As a result, we take the pain out of website management by doing the hard work for you by monitoring your stats, and ensuring that your website fulfills its task.

After all, you wouldn't buy a television that didn't work, so why pay money for a website that's not converting? With the help of our marketing team, we can ensure that you start enjoying the results from your new Physio123 website.

A website that's easy to use

One of the most effective ways of ensuring that your website 'converts' is to make it as easy to use as possible. These days, everyone is rushed for time and people won't spend ten minutes browsing a site simply to find out how much a consultation costs! Likewise, those with disabilities and web users who aren't too familiar with the web need to be able to find information easily.

In this sense, a redesign can help you. Our designers know all about web accessibility and we strive to ensure that our sites adhere to recommendations so that anyone can find what they are looking for. You'd be amazed at just how much of a difference we've made simply by simplifying overly complex sites which were made by Internet professionals who automatically assumed that the intended audience had the same level of understanding.

A great way to stay ahead of the competition

Today, it's normal for almost all businesses to have a website, and it's something that most of us think of. Sadly that means unless you have a proactive online marketing strategy you're going to be fighting with competitors from day one. With our Google SEO and Adwords marketing team here to help you reach the top, your website redesign will not just rank well, it will stay ahead of the competition.

These days, keeping a good Google ranking is a constant game of looking at the competition, looking at your website statistics and working out a plan. Luckily at Physio123, we do all this for you to ensure that the only thing you need to worry about is treating patients and caring for your business.

With Physio123 by your side, you can't go far wrong in any respect. With our range of combined packages that include everything you could ever need, the fact is that the benefits of choosing us as your website provider far outweigh the risks. One of the reasons we are so popular is because we really do know what we're doing.

Physio123 benefits
  • A professionally designed website
  • High ranking, Google friendly designs
  • Dedicated marketing and advertising budgets
  • Regular maintenance and free updates included
  • Professionally hosted websites and e-mail
  • Absolutely no contracts
If you're looking to have your website professionally redesigned, then contact us now and we'll see just how we can help you get the most out of your site.

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