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Your own website

When it comes to marketing and promoting your website, there are many different issues to consider. Your website is an indispensible tool in helping you find referrals and receive bookings. Despite the fact that many overlook it, the Internet is today is the most popular way to find information and as a result, marketing your website should be deemed essential.

Even though you may be one of the top physiotherapists in the world, if no-one knows about your practice Ė you won't have any patients! The fact is that without appropriate marketing, your business won't grow and instead, you'll be left wondering why you're not successful.

The good news is that marketing is a multi-faceted activity and there are many options available. From advertising in the yellow pages and other business directories to focusing on health-related publications for doctors and insurance companies, there are many different ways to market your private physiotherapy practice. Word of mouth referrals also play a significant role in building your client base however, the single thing in common with all these methods is that they all cost money. With the power of the Internet, you can advertise on the search engines, and reach a wider audience for a great deal less. Today the Internet's seen as both the most affordable and the most important marketing tool in the world.

Why you need a website

With well over 80% of Canadians now using the Internet regularly, a website gives you the power to reach millions of people! While we're sure you don't want a million customers, the fact is that the Internet is one of the biggest markets available to you as a private physiotherapist. Indeed as more and more people use the Internet for help and advice, people turn to it for healthcare issues, and as a result you'd be surprised how many people search Google regularly looking for a physiotherapist or for similar related services.

Today, many people view a website as a way to share information. The fact is as a business owner, your website is a business asset and a marketing tool. Essentially you want to create a resource for potential patients so that when they're searching Google for help, your website will be able to advise and guide not just new patients, but existing ones too.

Looking at traditional advertising costs, if you advertise in the newspaper or on the radio, you probably spend hundreds of dollars in upfront fees with only an estimate of how well the various campaigns are doing. A website is comparatively speaking an absolute bargain as it lets you target a much wider audience for a fraction of the cost.

At Physio123 we can help you design the perfect website for your private physiotherapy practice ensuring that it doesn't just meet your needs but that it meets the needs of your patients. We'll also help you with marketing and promotion to ensure that from day one you can start benefitting from the power of the Internet.

The importance of marketing your website

Even today, many businesses with a website simply put it on the side of their vehicles, on their business cards and leave things at that. The fact is that if you want a website that's going to help your business, you need to be prepared to promote and market that website. This means taking advantage of search engines, paid advertising and while there is always some expense involved, the fact is that web based advertising can be targeted to a person's interests, needs and even age group and location!

Using marketing tools such as Google Adwords, you can start to exploit the power of the Internet. With our help, it's only a matter of time until you see the results. We specialize keeping you at the top, and dealing with the complexities of the Internet which is a constant battle of checking website statistics, looking at keywords and analyzing what the competition is doing. With Physio123 we take care of it all, so you don't have to.

Adwords is essentially a way to buy ad-space on millions of websites as well as Google itself. Using Adwords we can give your website a number one ranking today. This may sound expensive, but it's all included in your monthly subscription and these services are included in all our website design packages.

At Physio123, we donít just want to give you a website; we want to see it working for you too! With our help, we'll not only be helping you reach the top of Google, we'll also be constantly securing that position ensuring that the competition is kept at bay and you become the premier physiotherapy provider.

Physio123 provide two main services to help market your website. The first is search engine optimization (SEO) which is a technique based at optimizing your Google rankings and those on other search engines. Using a variety of methods, we aim to give your site prominence so when someone starts looking for a physiotherapist, your site comes up first.

With a 6 month free trial and absolutely no obligations Ė there's no reason not to try Physio123 today!

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Why do I need a website?

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