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Good website hosting is hard to come by. With thousands of hosts out there, often you don't know the difference until you've paid up and start experiencing major downtime. If you have a business website and it's not live – that's costing you money.

At Physio123, we host all websites on our own servers ensuring the best in reliability and security. Our hosting servers are based in different geographic locations depending on where our clients are to ensure that their site can always be hosted in the local region. All Canadian websites are hosted on our Canadian servers. As a result, our hosting is also very search engine friendly.

Cover guaranteed
Physio123 are extremely generous with the hosting allowance, so much so we guarantee that the space provided more than covers your websites requirements.

All our hosting packages don't come with any limits at all. You're only restricted by the limitations of your individual package, as we know very well that website traffic is fluid. Some days you may have an explosion of traffic and others, very little.

Because we actually own the servers – you can be assured of the utmost in security. Our team regularly keeps everything up to date and we check our servers every minute to ensure they are online. At the same-time hardware firewalls and anti-virus work hard to reduce spam and ensure that your confidential information is only accessible to you.

We use a variety of techniques to ensure that your data is not only secure, but it's safe from fire or any other disaster. In the event of a crisis we have software in place that ensures your data is transferred to another server and brought online as quickly as possible.

We're also on hand to answer any questions and do all the maintenance for your website so you don't have to. We pour through log files, statistics and analytics to ensure that no matter what happens, your website will be online generating you business.

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